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Site Photos showing installed hardscape and site drainage. Prior to plant installation.

clegg landscape architecture residential plans
residential landscape architecture lake summit nc
landscape design lake summit nc
front walk brick masonry residential landscape architecture
residential landscape architecture lake summit nc
residential landscape architecture lake summit nc

Family Retreat

Lake Summit, NC

Client’s Vision & Design Parameters:  

CLA was brought in on the project during construction to help with site design. The project included a new construction cottage being built next to an existing 1940’s cottage that was also being renovated. The cottages sit along the water’s edge of a dam regulated lake. Stormwater run-off from properties up-slope was an issue. The client’s big vision was to create a connection of usable outdoor spaces between the cottages and to the lake for extended family gatherings.

Design Response: Circulation of vehicles, people (small children to grandparents), and animals dictated the main layout of the landscape.  There is plenty of room for parking and recreation space but, they are safely separated while maintaining a visual connection. Gravel lined drainage beds cover french drains along the foundation of the cottages to carry stormwater safely away from the structures. River stone lined drainage swales help direct stormwater from up-slope toward catchment basins safely controlling run-off. The plans show a first rendition of an on going evolving landscape. Kitchen gardens, wildflowers, native plants, and privacy screening are all combined to create a beautiful retreat by the lake.

CLA’s Roll: Design, On-site design consulting and coordination with landscape contractor, Plant procurement, Plant installation management


residential landscape architecture lake summit nc
residential landscape architecture lake summit nc

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